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Strata Plans

Do you require Strata plans of your property?

We have over 20 years’ experience in Registered Surveying. With our industry connections and degrees in both Surveying and Engineering we guarantee we can work with you and deliver quality plans that are customised to all your requirements.

Our strata plans can include lot sizes, unit entitlement and common property, title reference details and more…

Our survey-strata plans include lot sizes, title numbers, parcel sketches and more…

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Below is a couple of strata plans from DSP Surveyors & Engineers.

DSP strata plans 2

DSP strata plans 1

Strata scheme

“A strata scheme is the development of land to allow multiple occupancy and ownership of individual units, or other parts of a parcel, by separate individuals or companies.”

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The results of this scheme are the issuance of titles.